What are groups in tally Accounting?

What are groups in tally Accounting?

Someone in tally is called a group. And what are these types? In Tally, groups are a group of ledgers of the same nature. And in Tally, the group of the ledger is called groups. In Tally, when the accountant maintains the group, the reason for maintaining them is that he can easily see the information of the entire group. A group is a group of groups of similar nature. In these groups, every ledger is being maintained automatically according to its nature.

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How many groups in tally prime?

Before the launch of Tally prime, we used to see 28 groups in Tally ERP. And now tally has become prime launch, in this also we get to see 28 groups. All together in tally, there are 28 groups in which 15 are primary groups and there are 13 sub groups.

List of primary group in tally Prime
1. Branch/division
2. Current assets
3. Indirect income
4. Capital accounts
5. Fixed assets
6. Misc. expenses
7. Loan
8. Investment
9. Purchase account
10. Suspense account
11. Sales account
12. Direct income
13. Current liability
14. Indirect expense
15. Direct expenses
List of sub groups in tally Prime
1. Sundry creditors
2. Stock in hand
3. Secured loans
4. Bank accounts
5. Stock in hand
6. Deposits
7. Cash in hand
8. Duties & taxes
9. Bank ok Account
10. Loans & advances ( assets )
11. Unsecured loan
12. reserves & surplus
13. sundry debtors
How to create group in tally prime

groups in tally. There is a big group of sub-nature in which all the ledgers related to the group are inside the group. Let us know how to create a group in tally prime.

Gateway of Tally Prime

Select create option than enter

select group and entry

Name group and enter

How to alter groups in tally prime

Select second option Alter and enter

Select group

than you can rename the group’s name and enter. you group name will be changed.

Why important to create groups in tally

groups, There is a group of ledgers in tally which shows all the related ledgers. Whenever the accountant maintains the transaction of a company in Tally, with the help of groups, it becomes easy to understand what is the status of which group. If he does not maintain the group, then he has to open each ledger and see it. Due to this, it will take more time and everyone’s details will have to be kept separate. Creating a group will not waste time and the information of any group can be seen quickly.

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